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Charging Cabinet

aMagic Charging Cabinet – The Efficient and Secure Choice for Classrooms

With the widespread use of electronic devices, many teaching activities in primary and secondary classrooms nowadays require students to use tablets and other electronic devices to complete their tasks. However, after an engaging and interactive class, one often faces the problem of devices running out of battery. Today, I would like to introduce a charging cabinet that is perfect for classrooms. It not only provides convenience for teachers and students to retrieve electronic devices but also saves time in storing and retrieving the devices, making classroom time more efficient.

Advantages of the Charging Cabinet

  1. High Charging Efficiency
  • The charging cabinet has a total power of 200W and is equipped with 20 charging ports. It provides an output charging parameter of 5V/2.1A, allowing multiple devices with USB 2.0 connectors to be charged simultaneously. It can support up to 11-inch tablets.
  1. Easy and Convenient to Use
  • The charging cabinet features LED indicator lights on the body corresponding to the numbering of the charging devices. When the indicator light is red, it means the device is still charging, while green indicates that the device is fully charged or not in the charging position. Clear indicator lights allow users to easily see the charging status of the devices in the cabinet.
  • The charging cabinet can intelligently identify the current and voltage of the devices. When the charging is complete, it will automatically cut off the power. This feature provides peace of mind when placing it in the classroom.
  1. Intelligent Cooling System
  • The charging cabinet is equipped with a small built-in cooling fan, and the fan starts based on the temperature inside the cabinet. This ensures both safety and environmental friendliness.
  1. Compact and Easy to Place
  • The external dimensions of the charging cabinet are 620 x 420 x 350 millimeters, and it weighs only 21 kilograms. Its compact size allows teachers to easily arrange its placement, making more efficient use of classroom space.
  1. Strong Protection of the Cabinet
  • The main material of the charging cabinet is 1.0-1.5mm steel plate, and the entire unit has passed multiple certifications such as CE and FCC, ensuring its quality.
  • The charging cabinet provides protection against lightning strikes, surges, leakage, overcurrent, and overvoltage. It guarantees safety and provides peace of mind.