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5.5L Plastic Seal Dry Box with handle


SKU: ADC-ABS06L 類別 , 標籤

5.5L ABS Dehumidifying Dry Box with Handle

The box body is made of high-quality PS+ABS, 100% new plastic, which is sturdy and practical.

Model No.:ADC-ABS06LCapacity:5.5L

Portable Design:Yes

Color:Transparent box with gray handle

External Max. Size:W280*D225*H125mm



*±5% tolerance in dimensions and weight, the capacity is for reference only, refer to the actual product.

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999 件庫存


aMagic is a well-known brand in Hong Kong that offers a range of moisture-proof products, such as dehumidifiers, sealable boxes, and electronic moisture-proof cabinets. These products effectively prevent issues like mold, rust, and insect damage.

Key features of aMagic’s eco-friendly ABS portable multi-function moisture-proof box include electronic circulation and reusable dehumidifiers. It is a must-have during humid weather, providing moisture-proof, anti-mold, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-deterioration, anti-quality change, humidity control, electronic control, zero consumables, energy-saving, and no need for water pouring.

【Product Features】

  • Made of 100% new plastic PS+ABS, which is durable, resistant to impact and compression, as well as heat and low temperatures.

  • Silicone rubber fully enclosed design that keeps the box tightly sealed, preventing dust and water, and effectively blocking moisture and airflow to enhance moisture-proof effectiveness.

  • Portable handle for easy carrying, allowing you to hold it with one hand (only applicable to models with handles).

  • Shoulder strap buckle for installing a shoulder strap, freeing up your hands for convenient carrying.

  • Balance valve to maintain pressure balance, making it easy to open the box lid.

  • High-density sealing strip made of eco-friendly, odorless silicone material, ensuring airtightness.

  • Exquisite fasteners for a fully sealed design.

【Safety Precautions】

  • Check if the latch handle is properly closed.

  • If equipped with a humidity indicator, regularly observe the humidity inside the box for better monitoring.

  • Keep the product away from heat sources to avoid damaging items.

  • Do not throw or smash the product.

  • When cleaning with a cloth, do not use chemicals or strong cleaners.

【Dangers of Mold】Mold can cause the following damages to cameras and related equipment, including optical lenses, film, photo paper, disks, storage cards, etc.:

  • Decreased or distorted image quality.

  • Damaged photos due to improper exposure.

  • Loss of data due to damaged storage media.

  • Impaired autofocus and exposure systems of cameras.

  • Malfunctioning of internal electronic components, resulting in the camera not working properly.

【Applicable Range】In Hong Kong, the average relative humidity is around 70% to 80%. Without proper treatment, most products are prone to mold. Please refer to the following recommendations:

【Humidity 40%RH-50%RH】

  • Photography equipment: cameras, lenses, flashes, films, photo papers, video cameras, projectors, camcorders, etc.

  • Electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, speakers, telescopes, microscopes, watches, optical discs, tapes, etc.

  • Various accessories: clothing, shoes, handbags, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics, silk, wool, textiles, etc.

  • Collectibles: stamps, coins, antiques, memorabilia, photo albums, paper, wood, fabric collections, etc.

  • Artworks: paintings, sketches, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, calligraphy and paintings, antique painting albums, etc.

  • Leather products: bags, wallets, shoes, leather goods, leather handbags, leather jackets, leather hats, etc.

  • Medicines: some medications may need to be stored in low humidity environments.

【Humidity 30%RH-40%RH】

  • General foods: snacks, spices, oily cereals, nuts, grains (dry food), dried fruits, flour, baking beans, pet food.

  • Precision electronics: precision instruments, electronics, measuring tools, precision gauges, detectors, tungsten wires, capacitors, batteries, optical coatings and components, crystals, light sources, printed circuit boards, chargers, precision shafts, EI, optical lenses.

【Humidity 20%RH-30%RH】

  • Dried ingredients: tea leaves, instant coffee, dried mushrooms, dehydrated vegetables, seaweed products, seasonings, snacks, dried foods.

  • Health products: health supplements, traditional Chinese medicine (except liquids).

  • Powdered substances: milk powder, flour, cocoa powder, grain powder, seasonings, cosmetics, tea products, chemical powders.

Please note that the above are general references, and the actual storage requirements for specific items may vary. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice to ensure the correct storage conditions.



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