50L LCD Knob Adjustable Dry Cabinet with small key lock

50L LCD Knob Adjustable Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet

Capacity: About 50L (ADC-MLED50L)

Size: 294(W)*330(D)*590(H)mm (without feet) / 610mm(with feet)

Shelf: 3 Layers (Movable)

Weight(Package): About 10Kg

* 5-year warranty and free maintenance.



– Auto constant humidity control

– Manuel humidity settings, rotation button, LCD displays current humidity

– When the humidity decreases to more than setting, the operation will be suspended

– Dehumidification Core – control the humidity,

– Auto Dehumidification

– Moisture- proof, Anti-mold, Anti-oxidation, Anti-rust, Anti-deterioration, Anti-qualitative change

– Space saving design

– Toughened glass door, more strong and safety

– Two Door Keys



Power Consumption:5V2A

Humidity Range:25%~70%RH

Applicable Voltage:AC 100V~240V

?iHumidity storage reference table?j

Humidity: 40% RH-45% RH

Disks, tapes, cameras, lenses, slide projectors, video cameras, telescopes, photos, negatives, slides, microfilms, audio tapes, videotapes, antique pictures, oil paintings, stamps, coins, antiques, leather goods, engineering drawings, industrial Plans, musical instruments, CD, Ld, microscope

Humidity: 35% RH-40RH

Precision instruments, electronic appliances, measuring tools, precision tools, detectors, tungsten wires, semiconductor slides, capacitors, batteries, optical coatings and components, crystals, light sources, printed circuit boards, chargers, precision bearings, EI ,optical lens

Humidity below 35% RH

Various research reagents, samples, filters, standards, seeds, pollen, dried pollen and spices, cigarettes, tea, coffee, seaweed food, condiments, snacks, dry food, chemical powder


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