10L Plastic Dry Box with Hygrometer


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Environmental protection ABS portable multifunctional moisture-proof box, built-in high-precision hygrometer, Free inner liner bag only.

Can be placed in the electronic cycle reuse moisture absorber, anti-mold, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-deterioration.

Capacity: ~10L

Color: Black

Size: ~300(W)*235(D)*205(H)mm

Net Weight: ~1.35kg

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Use high-quality environmentally friendly ABS: strong anti-drop, strong pressure resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance.

Silica gel fully enclosed: Keep the box tightly closed, dust-proof and waterproof, which can better block the circulation of air and humidity outside, and better protect the moisture-proof effect of the stored items.

High-precision hygrometer: The pointer is within the normal range of 25% to 55%. If the pointer is higher than 60%, the humidity is high, and the moisture absorber in the box needs to be replaced.

Portable handle: The thoughtful handle design is convenient to carry when going out and can be easily carried with one hand.

Safe lock: The sturdy box buckle can be additionally equipped with a code lock for safe and secure storage.

Practical liner bag: movable divider, which can be disassembled and installed at your own interval to make full use of the space in the box. Better protection of your objects, especially expensive high-end cameras, easy to carry the inner tank out, more portable.

【Safety Notice】

1. Check if the bayonet handle is properly covered.

2. Equipped with a humidity indicator, can observe the humidity in the box regularly.

3. Balance the air valve to balance the air pressure.

4. Do not bring this product close to any fire source, which may damage the property.

5. Do not throw, smash or throw.

6. Do not let children play to avoid danger.

7. When not in use, clean the product with a rag, do not use chemical or strong detergents to clean the product.

【The harm of mold】

Mold damages cameras and their optical lenses, photosensitive film, photo paper, magnetic disks, memory cards, etc. mainly in the following five aspects:

1. Reduce or damage the angle and function of the camera’s mechanical motion system.

2. The imaging quality of optical imaging systems such as optical lenses, viewfinders, and other optical imaging systems will deteriorate and lose imaging capabilities.

3. Causes circuit failure.

4. Damage the image on the camera film.

5. Destroy magnetic disks and optical disk storage materials, make them lose their recording capabilities, and lose stored data.

【Scope of application】

Suitable for storing photographic equipment, photographic equipment, photos, negatives, medicines, precious leather goods, electronic parts, stamps, musical instruments, precious calligraphy and paintings, etc.

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