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42U Coupe Cabinet 600 x 1100 Black


SKU: MC486-61142B 類別 , 標籤

Width: 600mm

Depth: 1100mm

Height: 2045mm (42U)

Color: Black

Fan: 4

Shelf: 1 Layer

Weight: 137 kg

Maximum load: 800 kg

Front door: Mesh high-density ventilated double doors with grand handle lock

Back door: Mesh high-density ventilated double doors with grand handle lock

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aMagic network cabinet structural characteristics:

1. Using SPCC high-quality imported cold-rolled steel plates, imported materials, quality assurance;

2. The product complies with SI/SIA; RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART1; DIN41494: PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standards, compatible with ETSI standards;

3. The cabinet is fully disassembled and assembled in a combined structure, which is convenient and quick to install and transport, which is an ideal choice for engineering projects;

4. The cabinet structure design is rigorous, the structure is sturdy, the bearing load is large, and the maximum static load is 500kg or more;

5. The cabinet EIA made a special 2.0mm thick L-shaped column, which maximizes the built-in space, and the number of “U” marks inside and outside makes the cabinet clear and intuitive as a whole;

6. The front door adopts tempered glass with international popular colors, and the left, right and back doors are steel doors;

7. The front, rear, left, and right doors are removable, making good use of space, and the cabinet wiring is beautiful and practical;

8. The upper and lower wiring holes of the cabinet are equipped with grouping covers, and the bottom is ventilated and rodent-proof;

9. The cabinet has multi-directional wiring function, and the wiring is simple and neat;

10. Detachable side door, easy to combine cabinets, highlighting the overall effect;

11. The cabinet’s high-quality grounding device and high-end anti-falling design create a safe atmosphere;

12. The cabinet chassis is equipped with high-quality universal casters and supporting feet, which are stable and fixed, easy to move, and the cabinet moves with your heart;

13. Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, anti-rust and phosphating, pure water cleaning, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature baking and other process treatments, the surface is delicate and beautiful, and it is not easy to be stained with oil;

 14. Used in network system engineering such as radio and television system, network system engineering, video monitoring system, communication information system, etc.;

15. Detachable front and rear doors have a variety of options: flat-edge glass door lock, arc-edge glass door lock, flat sealed rotary lock door, flat mesh door lock, wave mesh door lock, double-open flat mesh handle Lock the door

16. The detachable side door can be locked to prevent theft;

17. Movable cabinet barrels, movable keyboard racks, fixed shelves, cable management racks, screws, etc. can be purchased separately;

18. Available in gray or black;

19. Especially suitable for: small and medium-sized enterprises, government departments, schools, hotels, restaurants, luxury houses, karaoke, etc.;

20. Various specifications of cabinets can be customized according to customer requirements, including drawings, samples, and structural modifications;

aMagic network cabinet provides the following series:

MC086 Open Rack: Modular design, easy to transport, and a variety of accessories can be provided according to needs.

MC186 wall-mounted cabinet: 60kg load, front toughened glass door, back sealed ANSC cold-rolled steel plate for wall hanging, thickness of steel plate is about 1.0mm~1.8mm.

MC286 standard cabinet: 500kg load, front flat steel frame tempered glass door with key-free small rotating lock, rear standard steel door with key-free small rotating lock, L-shaped column thickness 2.0mm.

MC386 professional cabinet: 600kg load, front curved mesh frame tempered glass door with key-free large handle lock, rear standard steel door with key-free small rotary lock, L-shaped column thickness 2.0mm.

MC486 two-door cabinet: 800kg load, mesh high-density ventilated double doors at the front and back, with key-free handle lock, L-shaped column thickness 2.0mm.

aMagic MC286, MC386, MC486 series 960mm or 1100mm deep cabinets and characteristic servers such as Dell, IBM, HP…

Cabinet height: 6U(370mm), 9U(510mm), 12U(640mm), 18U(995mm), 22U(1170mm), 37U(1830mm), 42U(2045mm), 47U(2270mm)

*Some hot-selling cabinets are available in stock in Hong Kong, and large quantities arrive in Hong Kong every week and express delivery. The aMagic network cabinet brand has been over 12 years, and major network system integrators and telecommunications companies have been cooperating for many years.



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