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8 bottles 23L wine cabinet 3 layer steel frame Tall Style


SKU: AWC-8T 類別 標籤

Capacity: 8 bottles (23L)

Shelf: 3-layer fine steel frame

Power: 70W

Voltage: 220V~ 50Hz

Temperature: 8~18°C

Dimensions: 470(H)x260(W)x510(D)mm

Net weight: 9kg

SKU: AWC-8T 類別 Tags:

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The most important elements of red wine are temperature, humidity, luster and MOVEMENT PLAY, all of which play an important role in when wine matures. If wine is to be stored for a period of time, it must be kept in a “safe” place. What is a “safe” place? Stylish wine racks? Thermostatic wine coolers can safely store precious wines. When choosing a wine cabinet, you must first know the correct way to store wine. There are many types and designs of wine cabinets to choose from. Among them, the horizontal wine rack is the most appropriate, and the vertical wine storage is not a good choice for storing wine, because on the vertical rack, the cork will dry out, and finally cause the air to contact the wine, and the wine cells will be destroyed. destroy. Sloping racks can dry out the cork or deposit sediment near the cork.

Ideal for wine cabinets with horizontal shelves, this will keep the corks constantly wet and inflated, preventing your precious wines from coming into contact with the air. Sediment will settle on the sides of the bottle, away from the cork and prevent spoilage when poured. Most importantly it is cost-effective, simple in design and can hold more red wine.

What is a constant temperature wine cabinet?

A thermostatic wine cooler can be a stylized addition that has many of the same functions as a wine cellar, keeping your bottles at a consistent temperature while maintaining the proper humidity for long-term preservation of your precious wines. Thermostatic wine coolers are thermally insulated, including racks, doors, lighting and cooling systems. Other features include leveling feet and digital temperature control. The advantage of a thermostatic wine cabinet is that it can store a large volume of wine in a small footprint. The constant temperature wine cabinet can maintain the temperature and humidity range, and can adjust the temperature by itself to meet the temperature and humidity requirements of red wine.

It can also prevent important wine labels from falling off and moldy.

Refrigeration chip temperature and humidity control principle:

The temperature control and dehumidification host adopts a high-efficiency microcomputer refrigerated constant temperature and humidity structure, and the temperature can be controlled at about ±1°C. We use the latest technology in the design of American semiconductor frozen wafers. The humidity in the box %RH automatically controls the action of the frozen wafers. The moisture condenses to form frost, and water droplets form on the cooling plate, which are discharged out of the box through the water guide holes and are connected to the water by absorbent fibers. The large heat sink is drained by the natural evaporation of the heat from the heat sink to achieve the best dehumidification effect. Therefore, no drain pipe or water tank is required. It is the best design of cold and heat exchange technology. The temperature control adopts high-power cooling and heating chips made in the United States. When the temperature exceeds the set value, it automatically provides DC voltage to cool the cooling chip, which is ultra-quiet and achieves constant temperature control. The cooling is about ±10°C of the ambient temperature. The LT series also increases the circulation speed in the cabinet, and installs ultra-static circulation fans in the intake and exhaust holes to generate natural convection air ducts, so that the temperature and humidity are evenly distributed, and the function of rapid humidity control and temperature control is achieved. The microcomputer processor will convert the analog signal of temperature and humidity sense side value into digital value using A/D, and then PID automatic calculation frequency conversion control to achieve uniform environmental control.


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Warranty Period : 1 Years
Warranty Provided By : Alris Technology Limited

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